Catskill WoodNet is a regional network of businesses that harvest and manufacture wood products from New York's Catskill Mountain Region. Through improved land stewardship in the New York City Watershed, our goal is to encourage a working landscape that connects people with local forest resources.

Our members label their products with the Pure Catskills trademark to illustrate a commitment to using watershed friendly practices, buying local and supporting a centuries old tradition of craftsmanship and care for the land in the Catskills. Pure Catskills is a registered trademark of the Watershed Agricultural Council.

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Big Al's Banding

Featuring over thirty years of woodworking and sawyer's experience, we own and operate a portable bandsaw mill serving communities throughout central and southern New York. Our milling services produce timbers up to 34 feet-long for homebuilding, bridge construction, and other local needs. Our business bloomed after helping saw 236 timbers for bridge reconstruction following the flood of 2006. Call us for a quote or to find out how we can help you complete your next project.


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