Catskill WoodNet is a regional network of businesses that harvest and manufacture wood products from New York's Catskill Mountain Region. Through improved land stewardship in the New York City Watershed, our goal is to encourage a working landscape that connects people with local forest resources.

Our members label their products with the Pure Catskills trademark to illustrate a commitment to using watershed friendly practices, buying local and supporting a centuries old tradition of craftsmanship and care for the land in the Catskills. Pure Catskills is a registered trademark of the Watershed Agricultural Council.

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Romancing the Woods, Inc.

Romancing the Woods, Inc. designs and custom builds handcrafted summer houses, bridges, benches, chairs, arbors, pergolas, fencing, railings and gates as well as interior home furnishings. Our work is inspired by the romantic tradition and natural rustic style of 19th century American and European estate gardens and the Great Camps of the Adirondacks. Our prime material is locally harvested eastern red cedar indigenous to the Catskill Mountains.


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